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Learn More Texagram Inc., strives to create your mobile site within 72 hours and to a fashion perfect for mobile viewing! Have us make your site today!

Mobile Web Site

Optimized compact design

We at Texagram Inc., review your site and offer a optimized mobile, compact design. We make sure our designs give your customers what they need to know immediately and so, we indirectly help you increase recenues and your customers experience.

Mobile Web Site

Who Needs A Mobile Site?

All businesses who deal with customers daily need a mobile site, from restuarants to lock smiths, towing companies, tanning salons, doctors offices, any business that deals with customerss.

Mobile Web Site

User friendly style

The mobile sites created by Texagram are extremely user friendly, so that your customers can spend more time at your place of businesses instead of trying to figure out where your place of business is, because you didn't have a mobile optimized site.

Texagram Inc., has been doing this for many businesses!

If you are a business where your customers have to make appointments, or want to know what you can make them for dinner, or what packaged services you offer, than you most likely need a mobile site. Twenty 20% of people that go out for lunch or dinner usually find the place to go on, on their phone. MOST DESKTOP WEBSITES do not work on mobile devices, meaning your site is turning away customers!

Did You Know?
Most Desktop Web Sites
DON'T Work Correctly
On Mobile Devices!
Everyone is using Mobile to search and find you.

Just go ahead and try to view your site using your iphone or android or whatever other cell phone you have. Then tell me if that looks remotely presentable? If you have to go ahead and scroll in and out on the phone, if you can't see the main points such as your contact information, and services you offer with your opening hours then you are definately losing customers. If your business is one of those that gets customers on a daily basis that are always on the run, like those people looking for restaurants or tow trucks if their car broke down or lock smiths if they are locked out of their own home or car...you definately NEED a mobile site!


How This Will Work


Texagram Inc. will review your site and evaluate it to see the best possiblie solution to making a mobile website for your business.


We will discuss a solution for your site and offer a price to complete it for you. Payment will be received by Texagram Inc., and we shall install the mobile site on your servers or on ours.


We will alter the mobile site to your liking and make sure its just right before we say thank you for your business. If anything else is needed we are just a phone call away.

Priceing Table



3 Page M-Site


One Time Fee

6 Page M-Site


One Time Fee

15 Page M-Site


One Time Fee

Buy Now, on the right!
Mobile Pages 3 6 12
Limited Free Alterations Yes Yes Yes
If Hosted On Our Servers 10.99 A Month 9.99 A Month 9.99 A Month